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Below are some websites that I use in my every day life and for education purposes.

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Related to Technology in Education Links:

Khan Academy is an educational platform that offers students with free online courses and lessons in the form of videos which can be very useful when you cannot have a teachers direct help. I use this site for practice quizzes and assignments as a way ot get familiar with course material.

Edmodo is a website that allows students and teachers to connect and communicate via text/messages. Students can access assignments as well as grades and stay organized. Remind is a similar site where teachers can send messages to their students about homework or send reminders about any course content. I have used both and find it is very helpful when needing quick clarification.

Kahoot is a fun way for teachers to provide review for their students by connecting to their mobile device and completing a series of quizzes. Participating in these review quizzes can help students learn information in an exciting way.

Goggle Docs has been incredibly helpful to me especially in group assignments. It allows a student and their peers work on and edit the same document as well as open documents and spreadsheets on multiple devices and store them safely.

I was introduced to this in my IDC class recently and found it very cool and effective. It is an interactive tool that connects to a mobile device and presentations and lessons can be viewed directly from the device itself. Presentations can range from a simple PowerPoint to including polls, videos and a drawing board as well as many other cool features.